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Breast Cancer Awareness

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer develops when abnormal breast cells begin to grow out of control. When a group of these cells band together, they form a mass called a tumor. Benign tumors do not spread and are usually not harmful. Malignant tumors, however, spread from their sources and can grow into life-threatening cancers. When a malignant cell leaves the breast and invades other parts of the body — a process called metastasis — the chance of successfully treating the disease is greatly diminished.

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Types of Breast Cancer

Breast cancers are often described in terms of the tissues in which they develop and the degree to which the tumors have spread.

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Women may lower their chances of developing breast cancer by making some healthy lifestyle choices. The steps outlined below can serve as a guide to healthy living that may aid in preventing not only breast cancer, but other cancers, as well.

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Useful Links

Here are some useful links that can help you find more useful information, however, as these sites are outside of Jodee's web site we take no responsibility for their contents.

Breast Cancer Foundation

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

UM Institute for Women's Health